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• DaFirma Kimonos, Makers of the Best Damn Gis on Planet Earth
• Escaping From Side Control

Check out this technique that has gotten me out of many a difficult knee-on-belly situation. I hope you like it.

If you haven’t checked out you’re missing out on one of the coolest bjj merchandise websites out there. I made a video wearing the 93Brand Anvil rash guard they sent me and I love it. Check it out:

The Anvil Rash Guard from 93Brand is pretty awesome. Fits with all the right contour and not a loose thread anywhere on this thing – even after I rolled in it for over 2 hours it felt like I just put it on. The design is fresh and it’s up there with my favorites now.

Everyone knows I am a diehard DaFirma Kimono company fan, and that hasn’t changed. But I really like BJJHQ.COM and their new take on the merchandise overload going on with too many of these warehouses online. They have 1 deal per day…that’s right, just one. But it’s always awesome and always a crazy good deal!

So check out my video technique showing an easy way to translate the typically gi-dependent berimbolo into your no gi game. Then get back on the mat and rep it out!