Funker Tactical, famous for putting out amazing gun & gear tactical training videos and the like are expanding to include more martial arts! The Funker Martial Arts channel recently launched on YouTube, featuring some awesome technique videos with martial artists such as Doug Marcaida, Fred Mastro, Ryan Hoover and yours truly. It is awesome to get to work with these guys! We have filmed several videos that will be released periodically. I hope you all enjoy the techniques as they come, as well as the sample below. Check out the Funker Tactical and especially their new Funker Martial Arts Channel!


De La Riva Variation Sweep to Arm Lock

Posted: August 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Cool sweep to arm lock we discovered when Allen and I were drilling one day.

Upcoming BJJ Seminar in Crossville, TN

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I’ve been switching things around and showing more standing BJJ concepts and techniques in videos lately. Here is a nice chain of sweeps and submissions starting from standing position. I hope you like it. If you do, then please share and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

I have a new site up at! Check it out to see technique videos and info, stuff about training and other jiu-jitsu related issues. I hope you like it!

These are a couple of favorite high percentage finishes off the arm drag. Enjoy!

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