A little while back, Dan Faggella, talented BJJ competitor and instructor, writer and all around nice guy, interviewed me for his site, ScienceofSkill.com. The interview was well delivered and well written. I’m reposting it here for anyone interested. If you want to read some great interviews and hear brilliant insight into the game, check out Dan online!

The interview:
Interview with Royce Gracie Blackbelt, Eli Knight

Eli Knight, Black Belt and 17 Year Veteran under legendary Royce Gracie

Eli Knight is a Black Belt under Royce Gracie and a 17 year veteran in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Eli also runs the popular BJJ blog “Knight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu”

I managed to snag Eli for an Interview. Eli has an incredible passion for BJJ and a deep, spiritual connection as probably anyone who has been around Royce Gracie for 17 years would. I was very happy to get an interview with him, he’s a great guy and an awesome voice for the BJJ world.


Me- “Why did you choose to start a BJJ Blog?”

Eli- “My primary reason for blogging is to give my students and other readers insight into more than can be discussed in a class or lesson about jiu-jitsu or martial arts in general.”

Me- “What is your blog about?”

Eli- “My blog is a place I can share personal experience or accumulated knowledge about techniques, history and philosophy of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.”

Eli-”It is also a place where I can write things I try to find resources for online or elsewhere and I have a hard time, such as accredited and respectable sources of information regarding politics and controversy in the community and hopefully voice how silly some of these things are.”

Me- “What do you hope your readers get out of your blog?”

Eli- “I hope that people who read what I post see that jiu-jitsu is more than a martial art, more than a sport, more than a philosophy; although it is all of these, too. Jiu-Jitsu is a lifestyle as well as a vehicle for self-development. Training has expanded my awareness and understanding of the workings of life.”

Eli has a deep place in his heart and soul for jiu jitsu. For him, it is more than a sport. He aims to open and inspire his readers and potentially fill any voids that they are facing in their lives.

Check Out Eli Teaching Omo Plata Sweep to Mono Plata on his Youtube Channel:

Eli- “[Brazilian Jiu Jitsu] is therapy, religion, balance, humility, and sustenance for my spirit. When we train, when we roll, we are communicating on a higher frequency than most ever get to, and at the highest level I believe this becomes communion. So what higher calling is there than to share that with others?”

So happy to have had the chance to catch up with someone who truly loves and promotes the sport of BJJ at such a deep level. Looking forward to catching back with with Eli.

Be sure to check out Eli on the Interweb.
Footlocks for days,
-Coach Daniel Faggella

Thanks again to Dan for the awesome interview. Make sure you check him out online – we need more voice of positive influence and perspective in the BJJ community!


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