The idea of Living Jiu-Jitsu pertains mostly to the idea of an organic, ever-evolving, always applicable concept by which we as individuals can grow and benefit.

Helio Gracie modified traditional jiu-jitsu, but more importantly he made it modifiable. Recognizing his physical shortcomings, he changed athletic aspects of the movements, making it something he could do regardless of his limitations. This drawing back to the core essence of the movements and technical properties of jiu-jitsu unearthed defunct brilliance that launched a revolution of martial arts and human movement.

This is what I mean by Living Jiu-Jitsu: this magical, alchemical process of human refinement that people of all backgrounds and abilities can apply to their lives. A true martial artist strives for perfection of the technique, not simply for desire for improved fighting ability, but because of his or her recognition that these techniques translate into all aspects of life. Jiu-Jitsu focuses on efficiency, and the true jiu-jitsu practitioner aims to apply means of technical efficiency to all of life, not so that life will be easier, but that the artist’s life might achieve more discovery and mastery over the beauty and virtue at the heart of a life well-lived.


  1. Jiu Jitsu is meant for everyone, not just the elite athlete, which is all too sadly portrayed in tournaments, youtube and other media. The soccer mom, geeky teenager, out of shape middle aged dad, even senior citizen can train in and enjoy it!

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