Rodrigo Gracie Seminar Review

Posted: July 23, 2009 in All Eli's BJJ Posts

We just had Rodrigo down to Three Rivers last week, and once again it was a great time. We worked lots-o-defense, as last time he was down we worked lots-o-attacks. I got to pick his brain this time about a few things that really helped me to get answers to. Briefly, some cool things we worked on:

  • Armbar and triangle defenses
  • Two funky guard passes I had never seen before
  • A rear choke defense with some helpful details

As far as helpful tips, I found some use in these areas:

  • Being able to alternate appropriately between Jiu Jitsu  and striking. Basically, if the opponent is playing primarily grappling, then remember to strike to advance the position occasionally. If the opponent is primarily wanting to strike, then, well that is what Jiu Jitsu was made for now wasn’t it?
  • I need to spend time when I am bottom Half-Guard dishing my hips under the guy instead of away from the guy.
  • Some moves are successful because the person who created the move has the attributes to pull it off.

The interesting thing to this last point is that it was Rodrigo’s response to a question I had regarding the Sao Paulo pass (known by many different names, but typically credited to Roberto Tozi). I have pulled this pass off with a good deal of success, but when I get shut down on it, it is because of the same reasons. Here is a clip of the pass I am referring to:

All in all, another great visit. Having Rodrigo and Royce both visit periodically is great for the school, instructors, and especially the students. Royce and Rodrigo, both brilliant and excellent in their teaching styles, bring quite different energies to the academy, and work in a good balance. If you are interested, which you damn-well should be, Royce will be down August 29th and 30th.

  1. BJJ says:

    Good read! The Tozi pass is world famous, usually used by guys with a stong base. Tozi with his Judo background is one of the most solid guys I’ve ever met.

    If anyone is looking for more info about him, here is a good link:

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